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Congratulations and thank you for joining the British Country Homes Facebook Group, the official private group for my blog, where we look at, profile, enjoy and appreciate all manner of British Country Houses. I hope that this blogs helps you admire & aspire whilst inspiring you!

No British Country houses are actually sold on this blog, and whilst I am an estate agent this blog is purely a hobby and passion of mine where I am able to share the most beautiful homes for sale across Great Britain, past and present.

another of the british country houses
one of the british country houses

Running this blog and the associated social media channels takes up a lot of time and can often cost money with website hosting, widgets, plugins and so on and as such I have to ensure that the blog pays for itself. From time to time you will see adverts and promotions which I try to ensure do not disrupt your experience.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy making it and blogging on it. It is all done to bring smiles to people’s faces at a time when the world can be a little challenging and frustrating. Personally, I think that British country houses are the most beautiful in the world, it only seems fair to share them with the world…

Castle Comb

All things… Cotswolds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your while life, you will have heard of The Cotswolds, a stunning area located in the heart…

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Scottish Castle

Scottish Castle on the Esk

One of Scotland’s most significant and historic castles…agents, Savills Brechin Castle overlooking the Esk Brechin Castle occupies a commanding position overlooking its surrounding designed landscape,…

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Tormarton Court

A Badminton Court

An elegant country house with the most beautiful gardens and grounds. Stunning interiors provide the perfect country house.
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Thatched Cottage

Game, Set, Thatch!

Thatched Cottages are the envy of the world over, but how much do you actually know about the thatching process?
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Wappingthorn Manor

A Whopping Manor!

The 0.4 mile-long drive leads to an important manor house of exceptional quality, in Steyning, West Sussex. Take a look inside…
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Daylight Robbery!

Daylight Robbery!

As in most countries throughout the world, everyone in Great Britain has to pay “council tax” on a property they either own or rent. It’s…

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