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These Cottages Three!


If you’re a follower of my social media pages A Country Agent you will know that every day I post pictures of the most beautiful country properties, including cottages, from across the UK.

Over the course of the month, our followers “like” or re-share their favourites and below is a compilation of three of the most popular country cottages from this year so far!

Often, people made the mistake of assuming that I was selling these beautiful properties and if this was the case, would have retired early(ish) and moved to the Caribbean long ago! 

My page followers are based all over the world; from the UK to the US, Thailand to South Africa, Brazil to Indonesia but they all have one thing in common: a shared love of beautiful British Country Homes.

Lets take a look at three of your favourite cottages from so far this year…

British Country Home

Top 5 country properties in 2021

This is the countdown of the top 5 most liked British Country Homes from 2021…

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one of the top 3 english cottages

Number 2

Now as most of you know, I’m a lover of a thatched cottage so you can see why I couldn’t resist sharing this one. This lovely picture attracted 7,900 “likes” with plenty of comments, mostly about those gorgeous windows!

Shared 18th February, 7936 likes, 13,929 reach

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one of the top 3 english cottages

Number 1

Spring Cottage! This is a particularly quant cottage in Dorset with bluebells making their presence felt and the colours starting to show through the winter bleakness. After a long winter its no wonder this was a popular one!

The thatched roof is no doubt something that appeals, for more information about thatched roofs and the thatching process, CLICK HERE

Shared 22nd February, 9216 likes, 16,984 reach

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